Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Tribespotting: Undercover Cult(ure) Stories by Harmon Leon and Keith Knight

39 West Press is pleased to announce the publication of Tribespotting: Undercover Cult(ure) Stories by Harmon Leon and Keith Knight.

Undercover Cult(ure) Stories

by Harmon Leon
cartoons by Keith Knight


Legendary infiltration journalist Harmon Leon has gone undercover again and returned with a new book. Gentleman cartoonist Keith Knight provides popular comics that enhance Leon's enlightening narrative.

"This book was eye-opening ..." –David Litt, author of NY Times bestseller Thanks, Obama
The United States is a divided country, where two disparate tribes fight to provoke, condemn, and defeat the other. In Tribespotting: Undercover Cult(ure) Stories, Harmon Leon dives directly into the eye of the tribal storm, drastically changing his look and attitude as he goes undercover in an exploration of tribal behavior and its many manifestations in modern culture.

Employing the same inimitable style that he honed while infiltrating extremist groups, Leon introduces readers to a series of vastly different tribes, including a gathering of five thousand assault weapons fanatics, a clan of white supremacists who recruit at Applebee’s, a church of hookers who walk the streets for Jesus, and a meeting of cult members who stare at their leader’s handsome face.
Some of these tribes engage in harmless, hobby-loving fellowship while others revolve around the adulation of charismatic celebrities.

Some of these tribes strive to uplift the individual via religious enlightenment, and a few are actually full-blown cults. But at the root of all these different tribes lies the same psychological need—the desire to be around like-minded people.

With that in mind ... LET'S DO SOME TRIBESPOTTING!

Product Details

Hardcover, Paperback
Publication Date: 30 Jul 2019
ISBN: 978-1-946358-19-6
LoC Control No.: 2019930910
Catalogue No.: 39WP-28
Pages: 206
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
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